The safety topic for the month of December is electrical safety and machine guarding.

In each of our facilities, we work with a lot of electrical equipment and heavy machinery, so it is critical that we know how to handle these pieces with care and caution. When we all work together to follow safety procedures, we protect not only ourselves but those around us.

Review the following safety tips and incorporate them into your regular work routine to ensure optimal safety for all during every shift.

Electrical Safety Tips:

  1. Always turn off the power before working on electrical equipment.
  2. Inspect cords and plugs regularly; replace damaged ones immediately.
  3. Use the right tools for the job and ensure they’re in good condition.
  4. Keep electrical panels accessible and unobstructed for quick shutoffs.

Machine Guarding Guidelines:

  1. Never remove or bypass machine guards; they are there for your protection.
  2. Report any damaged or missing guards to your supervisor immediately.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from moving parts.
  4. Follow proper lockout/tagout procedures during maintenance.

Remember: Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

  1. Stay vigilant, communicate hazards, and encourage a safety-first culture.
  2. Attend regular safety training sessions to stay informed on best practices.
  3. If in doubt, consult with your supervisor or the safety officer.

Working Together for a Safer Workplace!

  1. Look out for your colleagues; we’re all responsible for each other’s well-being.
  2. Report any safety concerns promptly to create a safer work environment.
  3. Safety is not just a task; it’s a mindset. Let’s make it a priority every day!

Remember: your safety matters. Stay alert, follow protocols, and let’s ensure a secure work environment for everyone! Thank you for working together to keep our facilities Waldsafe.